For the I.T. Professional

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For the IT Professional

Not surprisingly, IT professionals are deeply involved in almost every tech investment that his/her company considers. In fact, according to a report by Spiceworks on buying decisions, IT personnel can make or break an information technology purchase. IT employees have in-depth knowledge of the company’s current IT system, and they know what applications and/or systems will work best with it. Also, they are the ones responsible for implementing, supporting, and maintaining any new software or IT devices. Yet, IT professionals are no longer a company’s sole decision maker in the process – other influential departments include Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources. That’s why it’s important if you are an IT professional, you understand just how much weight your expertise carries when it comes to the IT health and future of your company. As the IT professional, the key assets you bring to the decision-making table include the following:

  • Understand complexity of technology
  • Contribute more than other key decision makers throughout IT purchase process
  • Responsible for legwork of IT shopping
  • Focus on practical IT considerations
  • Make purchase recommendations based on research
  • Consume up to 15 pieces of content when IT shopping
  • Expect an IT purchase to meet detailed specification
  • Provide strong expert opinion to other key decision makers on IT fit

You’re the IT professional. We’re here to support you and serve as an extension of your department.

How We Can Help

  • Guide you toward IT decisions that best meet your needs, goals, and budget
  • Perform regular, proactive maintenance
  • Take responsibility for the performance and availability of your mission-critical systems
  • Troubleshoot any technical issues
  • Recommend innovative technologies that could benefit your business, based on industry knowledge and an in-depth understanding of your requirements
  • Serve as the single point of contact for all your technology needs

CO-Managed IT Solutions

Our team of expert engineers and specialists work side-by-side with your internal IT department to assist with the daily operations of your IT network. Atlantic IT’s hybrid management model offers scalable, flexible solutions that are tailored to your business objectives — Our Goals are Your Goals. It’s that simple. We understand that when you partner with us for co-managed services, you’re looking for an extension of your IT team — not a replacement. Here are just some of the ways our co-managed IT services can benefit your organization:

  • Multiple Level Expertise
  • Holiday & Weekend Coverage
  • Backup Support Services
  • Ticketing System Tools
  • Cloud Computing & Security
  • Scalable Solutions
  • State-of-the-Art Technolgy
  • Onsite and Offsite Data Storage
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services
  • Network Managing & Security
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Our budget-minded solutions and services are designed to complement your business structure. Atlantic IT will take care of your day-to-day IT needs so you can focus on your business. Call us today and see how we can seamlessly partner with your IT department!

Why Consider Partnering with Us?

Atlantic IT is an additional resource that you and your team can count on. We’ll work alongside your team to provide monitoring services, additional tools, new technology resources, and being that additional help when times become hectic. Your team will be able to stay focused on the right areas of importance while we help with the tasks that tend to pile up when a company’s infrastructure grows. This can become overwhelming for an in-house IT department, so why not consider leaning on IT experts for extra support an extension of your IT team?

At Atlantic IT, we believe that our services enhance the IT professional’s role; We prefer to think of our managed IT services as EXTENDING A HELPING HAND. That’s because we listen to our customers and get to know their unique business challenges. We can serve as an extension of your IT department and give your team the boost it’s looking for. WE’RE HERE TO HELP, and we invite you to see how many ways we can customize IT services to meet your specific needs.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.

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