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$12,000: The average amount small business owners spend on state, local, and federal regulations.

Costly Compliance

Small to mid-sized (SMBs) companies are facing a new reality in cyber-security. They are targeted more than larger companies, yet they have smaller budgets to combat the security risks. Hackers go after the SMBs because they know that larger companies invest more in cyber security.  To compound matters, smaller businesses greatly depend on the trust they build with their customers, and when data breaches occur, the result can be devastating — a tarnished reputation can fold a small organization in the blink of an eye.

While cyber breaches are escalating, so are burdensome regulatory requirements. The fines and penalties can easily run up to the millions, and while larger companies can take on this level of risk, SMBs simply cannot. All is not lost, though. When you partner with Atlantic IT, we can help your company prepare to mitigate risk. We have experience working with multiple industries and the security expertise to protect owners and internal IT departments from data breaches. Additionally, we can secure your infrastructure with auditing technology and assess internal and external vulnerability. The key is to be proactive — you can’t afford not to be.

We can determine your risk level and design a custom compliance solution that will protect your enterprise.

Don’t Be Complacent. Get compliant.

When it comes to regulatory compliance, you can trust the Atlantic IT team to ensure your enterprise is updated, informed, and secured. We have experience with a wide range of industry-specific agencies and the mandates they enforce. From financial information sharing to patients’ health care privacy, we understand the complex rules and can implement safeguards to prevent violations. We invite you to explore some of the agencies and the regulations we can assist you with through our auditing services:

Gap Analysis & Needs Analysis

A Gap Analysis is a way of assessing “where your IT system is currently” and “where you want it to be.” A Needs Analysis is more specialized and looks at ways to “fill the gap.”

  • Identify Goals
  • Assess Entire IT Environment
  • Research Costs
  • Document Recommendations

Another way to assess your system’s needs is through a Vulnerability Assessment. This is a proactive solution to determine where “gaps” are in your IT security program. The evaluation identifies and prioritizes security issues and ensures compliance protection.

Call Atlantic IT for a confidential consultation with one of our IT auditing experts. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our audit assessments. Don’t risk it — get compliant.

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