Co-Managed IT Services For US Businesses

Compliance standards and the reliance on IT systems and applications to perform even the most basic functions in a business make IT one of the most important aspects of a business today. This widespread dependency on technology necessitates that organizations be strategic about structuring their IT operations.

If you have an in-house IT department but feel that your IT staff is limited in size, your IT department is overworked, or your internal team doesn’t have the experience or capacity to handle an upcoming project, co-managed IT services may be the best choice for you.

Co-managed IT doesn’t mean the end of your internal IT team. It means finally getting to realize the full potential of your employees while removing some of the most stressful and repetitive tasks from their lives. It ensures that in-house IT managers and staff can focus on special projects and other strategic activities while still meeting its daily operations, technology needs, and employee productivity targets.

At Atlantic IT, our co-managed IT services supplement your in-house IT team – it does NOT replace them. As your co-managed IT services provider, we’ll work with you to determine what’s best for your business by aligning our workflow with your processes. Through the meticulous development of standard operating procedures that speak directly to your business functions, we create a combined workflow and process specific to how you and your team work. This seamless integration allows us to serve you as if we were a part of your internal team.

What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services can be defined as a model that allows businesses to blend their internal IT team with the support, knowledge, and expertise of a managed IT services company like Atlantic IT. It allows organizations to customize their IT services to decide which services to keep in-house and which would be better suited for outsourcing. This collaborative relationship between your internal IT department and a co-managed IT company like Atlantic IT can help your organization when you have limited IT personnel, overworked staff, or special projects.

Atlantic IT’s Co-Managed Services

Cybersecurity Services

 It’s almost impossible for most businesses to maintain a fully staffed, full-time, in-house IT security department that can provide the cyber strategy and protection needed to overcome today’s ever-evolving cyber threats. That’s where our co-managed cybersecurity services come in. At Atlantic IT, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity services that employ best practices to keep your network and infrastructure secure.

We provide management and monitoring of your entire IT environment security systems to detect and prevent threats continually. We’ll help you reduce the risk posed by threats like phishing, ransomware, data breaches, and other cyber threats, highlight any vulnerabilities in your existing systems and processes, produce a roadmap to a secure and stable environment, and train your employees to spot and avoid cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity services include ongoing testing, penetration and vulnerability testing, risk identification, remote access, and monitoring, malware and spam blocking, endpoint protection, and incident response control to provide your business with ongoing data and threat protection.

IT Helpdesk

At Atlantic IT, our IT helpdesk is an always-available resource, staffed with certified network consultants who are ready to provide your business with a single point of contact to make sure your technical issues are addressed quickly and effectively. Armed with the best service desk software available on the market and advanced remote management tools that diagnose IT issues in real-time, our team resolves more than just issues; they also identify the underlying cause and impact of problems to prevent them from happening again.

Our highly responsive IT helpdesk offers support to your end-users or can act as an escalation point for your internal IT staff. With our IT helpdesk services, you get:

  • 24/7 support: Whether your business operates within business hours or requires 24/7 support, we’ll ensure that you have a qualified technician to take your call no matter the time.
  • Phone, email, and remote support: Sometimes, a phone call isn’t the most convenient way of responding to issues. If the issue is not necessarily classified as a high priority for your business, we provide alternatives in communicating with us.
  • Onsite support: When you have IT-related issues that cannot be resolved remotely, a technical specialist can be sent to your location to troubleshoot and resolve them.
  • Rapid response to major issues: Some issues need immediate or quick resolution. We have an escalation process to ensure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Monthly reports: With our co-managed IT helpdesk services, you receive a monthly or quarterly update that reports on your usage, systems health, issues, and recommendations. We aim to keep you informed transparently, so there are no surprises.

Network Monitoring 

Want to keep your IT environment running at top performance? Atlantic IT provides around-the-clock monitoring and management of all the components in your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches. We leverage proactive monitoring and on-call network support technicians to pinpoint and resolve network problems quickly. Our automated systems detect and report failures of devices and connections as we proactively monitor your computers, servers, and other network elements.

Cloud Computing Services

Migrating to the cloud gives your employees access to the applications, data, and computing power they need to get work done whenever and however they work. And when your people are empowered, company productivity soars. If you’re just starting in the cloud, looking to move off legacy platforms, or hoping to increase cloud adoption, our cloud services are perfect for you. We can develop, design, and manage your cloud solutions to align with your needs so that your business has the most optimized cloud strategy.

We are here to help with:

  • Cloud readiness​​​​​​​ assessment: We can conduct cloud analysis of your business and assess your business requirements and processes, potential vendors, the technology environment, impact on business, processes, and security and guide you towards setting up your IT environment. to help you determine which services are ideally suited for cloud delivery versus those you should handle onsite. We will
  • Cloud migration: Migrating to the cloud can be a complex process. Atlantic IT can simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud, ensuring you have a seamless transition with no downtime or data loss. We have experience setting up cloud services from scratch and migrating businesses off of on-premise setups to cloud-based options.
  • Supporting your cloud environment: While cloud providers often support their platforms, integrations between your cloud technology and core business apps require maintenance. Once you are in the cloud, we can support your cloud applications and infrastructure, so you are getting the most from your cloud environment. We also provide ongoing management services of your cloud services to handle backups and restores, add or remove users, conduct monitoring, provide password resets, and ensure your staff knows how to leverage new features and updates as they are rolled out.

Backup and Recovery Services

Business continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster. Business continuity is planned and actively managed to ensure that an organization can maintain service, consistency, and recovery in the event of a disaster. At Atlantic IT, we provide robust business continuity services to help you protect your key business data while maintaining productivity and limiting financial losses during an outage.

You can count on us to ensure critical business functions are available to employees, customers, suppliers, and other entities that must have access to those functions should a disaster strike. We understand that every organization has unique data protection and recovery needs, and we’ll design specific business continuity and data disaster recovery solution to fit your company’s needs. We’ll implement the plan and formalize an ongoing testing and validation process to ensure your business continuity plans adapt to the company’s needs over time. With Atlantic IT’s business continuity services, your business never misses a beat. Data is backed up continuously and immediately retrievable in the event of a loss.

Why Choose Atlantic IT’s Co-Managed IT Services

  • On-demand IT expertise: No matter how skilled an in-house technician may be, there’s no way they can master every aspect of IT, and assigning in-house technicians with extra responsibilities that are not within their area of expertise can hurt your business in the long run. Rather than spreading your technicians thin, our co-managed services supplement and fill the skill gaps in your internal IT department. Atlantic IT gives you access to a team of highly trained IT professionals in different IT disciplines. We serve as an extension of your IT department, so your technicians never have to worry about managing systems they’re unfamiliar with and can focus on work that they care about and adds value to your business.
  • Round-the-clock support: Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of highly-skilled staff. Atlantic IT has a team of technicians available round the clock, so if a problem does occur outside of business hours, you can take full advantage of our 24/7 service desk. You can be confident that our people are watching out for your business, every day, around the clock. Support spans daily responsibilities to handling upgrades, deployments, and emergency services.
  • Scalability: Big project coming up? Peak season or unexpected hot sale causing IT problems? Instead of hiring new staff to deal with the situation, you can simply let us deploy the necessary staff to handle the issue without taking your internal IT team off-task to take care of it.
  • Top tier security: Atlantic IT gives you access to enterprise-grade protection and expertise and works with your team to implement a multilayered cybersecurity strategy designed to mitigate data breach risk.

Need Co-Managed IT Services? Atlantic IT Can Help!

Turning to co-managed IT services rather than doing everything in-house allows you to bring on only the IT resources you need and nothing more. At Atlantic IT, our co-managed IT services allow you to scale your IT quickly and effortlessly. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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