Computer Network Management Services

With 24/7 access to networks being essential in today’s business climate, suffering through extended network downtime isn’t something you can afford. Today, businesses need high-speed networks to support a growing fleet of connected devices, ever-evolving cloud technologies, and a hybrid workforce. Your productivity and profitability increase when your network is streamlined, ensuring that your business runs at maximum efficiency.

However, the challenge in maintaining effective network management is that networks now have greater complexities, and the number of devices on a network seems to constantly increase. That’s why computer network management is critical for businesses.

What’s Computer Network Management?

Computer network management is the process of monitoring and controlling a computer network to ensure all of its resources, both hardware and software, are properly maintained and are being used productively. This process is overseen by a network administrator, network manager, or an MSP such as Atlantic-IT using protocols, systems, devices, and applications to ensure the network can keep up with business demands and user expectations.

What Does Computer Network Management Involve?

Computer network management is often comprised of the following aspects:

  • Network administration: Network administration consists of tasks associated with setting up the company’s network, such as technical requirement analysis, network diagram design, network management platform installation, infrastructure deployment, hardware selection, and development of acceptable use policies.
  • Network fault management: Fault management is the process of identifying and correcting network problems before they cause downtime, performance degradation, and loss of data. The goal of fault management is to minimize downtime. Fault management technicians are tasked with detecting problems, isolating faults, determining causes of issues, troubleshooting and resolving problems, and documenting the processes used in responding to tech issues.
  • Network performance management: Network performance management is centered on measuring and improving the efficiency of a network. It involves measuring the performance of a network and its resources in terms of utilization, throughput, error rates, and response times. With performance management information, your network manager can reduce or prevent network overcrowding and inaccessibility.
  • Network security: Data breaches can have far-reaching effects. Besides the inevitable loss of consumer confidence and reputation damage an organization experiences, a data breach is expensive – according to the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost is $4.24 million. Network security is a core aspect of network management and helps keep cybersecurity threats such as DDoS attacks, malware, and self-propagating ransomware at bay. Network security managers are tasked with preventing, detecting, and responding to security threats by setting up and maintaining different security tools and systems, such as firewalls, reverse proxy servers, web application firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems, email scanners, and antivirus software. These tools and systems help to authenticate, encrypt, and authorize traffic flowing through the network and ensure it’s supposed to be there.
  • Network provisioning: Network provisioning involves analyzing the current load the network handles, calculating future demand, and reserving resources that can be deployed as needed. It involves configuring network resources to accommodate your company’s ever-changing needs. For instance, if your company wants to have more seamless conversations by utilizing unified communications services, system administrators need to allocate more internet bandwidth to UC services. Or, if there are new hires, administrators will need to set up additional user accounts, configure access restrictions, and provision network resources accordingly.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Computer Network Management to Atlantic-IT

Network management is a huge responsibility, and this can become a problem if your internal IT team doesn’t have the bandwidth to ensure your network is running securely and efficiently. Internal IT teams face heavy workloads and increasingly complex projects, often without the ideal time, staff, or budget needed to complete them. This is where outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing your company’s computer network management to Atlantic-IT offers several benefits, including:

1.   Access to Experts

This benefit is particularly helpful for small to medium businesses with limited budgets. When you partner with Atlantic-IT as your computer network management services provider, you get access to the expertise of highly-trained and certified IT network professionals without the cost of supporting full-time employees. You don’t have to hire, train or retain more IT staff to manage your network — all activities that could divert time and money away from your core business. This saves your company time and money without sacrificing the quality of the service and support you receive.

2.   Reduced Network Interruptions

The cost of network downtime can be astronomical – data from Statista suggests that the average cost of critical server outages in 2019 ranged from $301,000 and $400,000 — per hour. A network outage can slow down or stop operations at every level, from the point of sale to the C-suite (and everything in between). Your company can lose time, productivity, customers, and profits. The best way to reduce network downtime is to effectively manage your network through Atlantic-IT’s computer management services.

Our highly trained and experienced IT professionals put their extensive knowledge into implementing, managing, and upgrading your computer network, ensuring network performance is maximized so your business can run smoothly. Our advanced real-time monitoring tools combined with our expert IT personnel allow you to stay one step ahead of any potential problems when they are small, minimizing downtime and mitigating the extent of the damage that could impact your network.

Our team leverages all of your allocated resources to ensure your network’s reliability, consistency, and security. You can trust that there won’t be any unexpected expenses or PR disasters due to network failure.

3.   Increased Security

One of the best benefits of network management is the ability to find and quickly respond to security threats before they occur. With a well-rounded network security framework from Atlantic-IT, your business can dramatically reduce its exposure to cybersecurity threats. Using next-generation firewalls, IPS, email filtering, and anti-malware software to create a strong perimeter, we can help prevent internal and external attackers from infiltrating your network. By fortifying your network, you ensure all transactions, business-critical applications, and data are kept safe and secure.

More importantly, implementing comprehensive network security demonstrates that your business upholds best practice standards and compliance regulations. This helps you avoid serious security breaches and downtime events that often lead to thousands of dollars in data loss, legal penalties, and reputational damage.

4.   Maximized Performance and Increased Productivity

Complete visibility over your network infrastructure improves system performance and makes your business more efficient. Through our comprehensive computer network management services, Atlantic-IT can optimize your network in a way that maximizes performance and increases productivity.

Full network oversight also allows us to preemptively identify faults that may cause downtime and better allocate network resources to the applications and devices that need them most, such as data analytics and communication platforms. As a result, IT staff and enterprise employees, in general, can perform their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively, increasing their overall productivity.

Need Computer Network Management Services? Atlantic-IT Can Help!

Computer Network management is critical for every business in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. At Atlantic-IT, we have a proactive approach to network management to ensure increased performance, reliability, and security. Our services provide you with unlimited proactive support that not only keeps your network running effectively and efficiently but helps you focus on your core business, so you can achieve your business goals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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