Atlantic-IT Handles Everything IT For This Insurance Firm

Often, when it comes to your IT company, the assumption is that if you’ve worked with one company, you’ve worked with them all.

If you’re not satisfied with the one you currently have, it’s probably not worth the time and effort it’ll take to find a new one. You’ll just encounter the same problems.

But really, this is a rather extreme assumption to make. As with any market, how could you expect the many, many options available to you to be the same? The fact is that not all IT companies are created equal.

By investing a little of your time in order to consider the options in your area, you can find the best option available to you — that’s how this insurance firm found Atlantic-IT.

Read our complete project spotlight on how Atlantic IT helped this insurance agency.

Atlantic IT Gives This Insurance Firm Access To Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity is a top priority for this insurance firm. They know they can’t cut corners on cybersecurity without risking a data breach. That’s why they work with Atlantic IT.

The Atlantic IT team believes that the only way to effectively develop cybersecurity is through a comprehensive approach that builds a culture of best practices, in combination with a range of carefully chosen technologies.

We don’t limit our scope to the security of the client’s data — their infrastructure, devices (mobile and otherwise), and their staff have to be secure as well. Only with a comprehensive system of technologies and best practices can they achieve a truly confident cybersecurity defense.

The many features of our cybersecurity services include:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Remote Access/Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Firewall Systems
  • Malware & Spam Blocking
  • System Users, Policies, and Alerts

That’s one of the reasons this firm works with Atlantic IT — doing so allows them to benefit from Atlantic IT’s vast range of cybersecurity solutions and processes.

Atlantic IT Offers Expertise That This Insurance Firm Needs

Companies that manage their IT internally may value the control and oversight they have in that arrangement, but the expenses can quickly add up. Furthermore, if anything happens with that internal staff, it’s up to them to fix the problem.

That’s why businesses like this insurance firm choose to outsource with Atlantic IT. When you outsource your IT support, you don’t have to pay the following costs:

  • Employee Expenses: An in-house IT team can cost a lot to have on staff. To be effective, IT service and support require up-to-date skills and expertise.
  • Benefits, Sick Leave, Vacation Costs: There are additional expenses on top of the salary to consider. For example, holidays, and the coverage while your network administrator is away. When you consider all of this, just one IT staff member can cost even more than a standard salary.
  • Ongoing Training and Certifications: With cybercrime and other threats to your business, you must ensure your IT staff is trained on the latest cybersecurity tactics. In addition, software, hardware, and cloud solutions are constantly evolving. To provide the most cost-effective IT solutions, your IT personnel should attend vendor training and stay up on certifications that expire. These training and certification expenses can really mount up and may involve travel expenses as well.

By partnering with Atlantic IT, this insurance firm doesn’t need to invest the time or money in managing an internal team. For a monthly rate, this insurance firm gets a complete IT team, without having to worry about training or managing them.

Atlantic IT Helps This Insurance Firm Maintain Continuity

Given the nature of their work, this insurance firm relies heavily on the availability and continuity of their IT systems. In the event of a natural disaster, they can’t deal with any undue downtime that would prevent them from continuing their work and supporting their clients.

In order to develop more robust continuity and disaster recovery capabilities for this insurance firm, we carefully improved their infrastructure over time, and continue to manage it to promote uptime and continuity. This ensured their critical applications were protected and available no matter what happens locally at their business.

Atlantic IT Keeps Downtime At A Minimum For This Insurance Firm

A key aspect of managing an organization is implementing efficient processes and reliable productivity standards. Without question, IT plays a huge role in the efficiency of an organization.

Case in point: IT downtime costs organizations huge sums of money yearly and can also be a leading indicator of even more inefficiencies to come. That’s just one of the reasons this insurance firm works with Atlantic IT.

Atlantic IT has equipped them with the best technology solutions available in order to keep their business’ infrastructure fast, reliable, and agile.

Atlantic IT Delivers Professional IT Support For This Insurance Firm

If you’re looking for professional IT support like this insurance firm was, all you have to do is get in touch with our team. Our representatives are waiting to respond to your inquiry — harnessing the IT support you need is up to you.

If you want IT support that’s scaled to meet the needs of your organization, here’s how to get it:

  1. Get in touch with our team and arrange a free consultation at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your IT and your IT support.
  3. Enjoy the more reliable and responsive IT support you get from our team.
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