Downtime Was Slowly Bleeding This Manufacturing Firm’s Profits — Until They Partnered With Atlantic IT

Manufacturing firms face a number of significant challenges: complicated supply chains, the rising costs of labor, and of course, local and offshore competition. This makes margins razor-thin and highly susceptible to minor dips in productivity and efficiency.

IT is often a source of issues for manufacturers. Many firms like yours have a combination of up-to-date software programs running side by side with core legacy programs.

The result is a constant struggle to maintain productivity in the face of downtime and continuity issues. Without proper management, systems can easily slow down and stop at the worst of times.

Case in point: a client of ours in the manufacturing sector once faced ongoing downtime and repeated disaster recovery challenges. It was eating into their profits and preventing their staff from working productively.

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Manufacturing Firm Profits Bleeding Out

What Brought This Manufacturing Firm To Atlantic IT?

This manufacturing firm has been in business for well over thirty years. Its staff of eighty manages multiple locations, which makes its IT environment a critical part of its productivity and profitability.

The problem is that their internal IT team wasn’t able to keep up with the demands of such a vast and complicated IT system. Their network wasn’t being monitored properly, which led to both security incidents and significant periods of downtime.

The result was a vulnerable and error-prone IT infrastructure. Issues occurred on a  regular basis, leaving the internal IT team with only enough time to solve problems temporarily. Ongoing delays and outright stoppages were costing them money on a daily basis.

That’s why this firm got in touch with Atlantic IT.

Why Is Atlantic IT The Perfect Partner For This Manufacturing Firm?

This manufacturing firm was looking for three key qualities in a partner:

  1. The ability to monitor infrastructure and keep it maintained
  2. The know-how to deploy and manage robust backup solutions
  3. A commitment to training staff members to boost firm-wide productivity solutions and bandwidth availability

Atlantic IT offers extensive experience in delivering and supporting critical manufacturing solutions. Our expertise allows us to identify and eliminate core issues in the way that the firm’s IT systems are configured and used.

After hearing what we had to offer, this manufacturing firm knew we were the right choice for them.

How Did We Solve This Manufacturing Firm’s Problems For Good?

As a part of our co-managed IT services, our team worked alongside the firm’s internal IT team to assess the state of their systems. We determined which components of their IT environment needed to be replaced and which required maintenance. We ensured their many locations would have access to the bandwidth they needed to eliminate system lag and boost productivity.

We also deployed and managed a monitoring solution to ensure that minor issues would no longer snowball into major ones. As a part of our support for their disaster recovery processes, we made sure they would have the capability to both prevent downtime and quickly recover from it when unavoidable.

Atlantic IT Will Do The Same For You

Don’t let your firm’s support tickets pile up or your projects sit unfinished any longer. Talk to the Atlantic IT team today to augment your internal team with additional support from ours.

With a little extra help from our team, you will…

  • Eliminate overdue support requests for your end-users and vastly reduce day-to-day downtime.
  • Complete major projects more quickly and effectively.
  • Have the freedom to strategically devote your internal IT team’s capabilities where they’re most needed, without overworking them.

The productivity and profitability of your firm are up to you. Atlantic IT is here to provide the extra help you need — all you have to do is ask.

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