Four Reasons The Outlook Send Later Feature Boosts Productivity  

4 Reasons The Outlook Send Later Feature Boosts Productivity And Improves Email Effectiveness  


The number of emails sent and received every day in 2019 exceeded 293 billion and this number is expected to increase to more than 347 billion in 2023. Email, some love it, some love to hate it but one thing is for sure, email is here to stay, and we need to embrace and use it for a productive tool. That said, the perfect time to send an email might not be right after you type it. Hitting, “send” immediately, simply just to check one more thing off your daily to-do list is not always the best time. That is why Microsoft’s Outlook designed a “Send Later” feature that will help you evaluate the message, who it is going to and schedule, that’s right, schedule the best time to send it. Here are four reasons the Outlook Send Later Feature Boosts Productivity and email effectiveness.

  • Review Email Content: The Send Later feature allows you to create an email draft and wait awhile until you have time to review it for proper content, typos and errors. For example, you may need to check the spelling of a company name, a person’s title, details for a meeting agenda or confirm the time of a meeting. This additional time allows you to change the tone of the verbiage as it might have been written hastily. It also allows you to have a colleague proof the email.
  • Gather Necessary Information: The Send Later feature allows you to create an email draft, and save it while you locate and compile documents that need to be attached to the email. For example, you may need to research a topic, find some legal documents, download a video, or collect other fact sheets from complementing and improving your message.
  • Reduce Emotional Emails: Sometimes the access and convenience of immediate messaging via email becomes a platform for emotional arguments and disagreements that can cause permanent damage to a professional relationship. The Send Later feature gives you the time necessary to draft the email, walk away from the heated email conversation, evaluate the situation, return to the email message and edit it for a more appropriate, professional tone.
  • Improve Time Management: The Send Later feature allows you to schedule to send emails in advance and avoid the back and forth of “email ping pong” or “email tag.” Writing and scheduling emails to multiple people at the same time boosts your productivity because you can compose email days or even weeks ahead and scheduled them later. You might forget about emails you have written and saved in your draft file with good intentions of sending at a later time. The Outlook Send Later feature prevents you from forgetting about them or thinking you sent them when you didn’t.

Email remains one of the most personalized and timely ways to connect to colleagues and customers. Get to know email trends and take advantage of features like Outlook’s Send Later to improve your professional relationships and strengthen your overall productivity.

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