What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Has Seen an Incredible 775% Increase in Usage of Its Cloud Services Since Social Distancing Started Around the World. Businesses Are Getting Onboard with Microsoft Teams More Than Ever Before, But Why?


Jared Spataro, Corporate VP for Microsoft, stated that Microsoft Teams now has over 44 MILLION daily users who have generated over 900 million meetings and calling minutes. As coronavirus cases continue to rise around the world, businesses are choosing to work from home to keep their teams, loved ones, and communities safe. As of March 20, 2020, 58% of knowledge workers were working from the comfort of their own homes throughout the United States. However, the right tools are crucial to ensuring a productive and efficient remote workforce during this difficult time.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

We all know that teamwork is critical for accomplishing our work throughout the day. When it comes to staying productive and maintaining morale, teamwork plays a crucial role in any organization. Microsoft Teams, a tool that’s part of Microsoft Office 365, brings together all of the functionalities of the other tools to create a unique collaboration hub for employees, whether they’re in the office or at home. Microsoft Teams is available at no extra cost for existing Microsoft Office 365 users and integrates with their other services:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Planner
  • Yammer
  • And more

What Are the Key Components of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams offers three key components that make it the perfect choice for staying in contact with others while working from home. This includes the following:

  • Teams: First and foremost, users can create a team and invite others to collaborate. You can create various teams, including people from specific departments, people working on particular projects, and even those outside of your company with guest users.
  • Channel: Next, channels can be created around a team, project or topic as a place to hold meetings, collaborate on tasks, add files, and chat with others via instant messaging to keep work flowing as it needs to.
  • Tabs: Lastly, tabs allow you to navigate easily with three default tabs: conversations, files, and wiki. You can use these tabs to store chats, documents shared with people inside the channels, and even edit or draft documents up.

Why is Microsoft Teams So Widely Used?

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the most widely used collaboration suites. Microsoft Teams, at a glance, gives the ability to:

  • Stay in touch within group chats and video conferences with up to 10,000 people at a time.
  • Feel safe with advanced security controls such as information barriers, legal hold, retention policies, data loss prevention, and much more.
  • Work on documents and/or files in real-time with the ability to create, edit, and work together on projects.
  • Maintain compliance with various regulations as the platform is compliant with over 42 national, regional, and industry-specific regulations.

Above all, Microsoft Teams is convenient. You have access to all of your applications within one chat tool – meaning you can make a video call, work on files, schedule a meeting or share documents within one place. You don’t need to scroll through various applications to find a specific conversation or image – it’s all in one place organized neatly via channels or tabs. What could be easier than that?

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