How to Use Business Intelligence to Boost Your Business 

Discover how business intelligence can enable you to save money, increase employee efficiency, improve customer services, boost profits and much more.  

Business intelligence can do wonders for any company, in any industry or geographic location. Read on to discover what it is and how you can use it to reach your short and long-term business goals.

What is Business Intelligence?

IT software can generate an amazing quantity of data; sadly, this data is frequently overlooked or misunderstood as it has not been properly analyzed and acted on. Business intelligence is the ability to collect all the right data and use it to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Offer improved customer service
  • Streamline internal office procedures to save time and money
  • Cut back on business expenses
  • Make long-term business decisions regarding which products to create or discontinue, who to target in upcoming advertisement campaigns, where to open new branch offices, etc.

Getting Started

Do you have short and long-term goals for your business? If so, compare your goals with the data and intelligence your IT department gathers on an ongoing basis. Analyze this data to make sure your company is heading in the right direction. Many small business owners make the common yet deadly mistake of making important decisions without a full understanding of all the facts. Thankfully, you can avoid this pitfall by using business data and statistics to guide your decision-making process.

It’s important to set up a system that enables you to gather data and statistics in real-time. Don’t wait until a product has been performing poorly for months on end before pulling the production of something your customers aren’t interested in. Create a system that enables you to analyze not only business performance but also employee performance in real-time. Knowing what’s going on inside and outside your office gives you an edge over the competition. With real-time data, you’ll be able to see how to save money, create products/services that will be in demand in the near future, maximize employee productivity, and more. If you need help setting up an IT system that enables real-time monitoring, an IT managed service provider can get you started on the right track.

Bear in mind that using business intelligence is something that can be done in stages. You’ll need to set up processes and software for gathering the needed intelligence, and you may want to start with a single department rather than your entire business. Starting slow can help you understand how to use gather and use the intelligence you need to remain successful.

Introducing Atlantic IT

Do you need help creating, monitoring, and repairing the IT set-up you rely on to gather invaluable business data and analyze it? Working with a professional, top-tier IT managed service provider can be a wise course of action. IT MSPs offer practical IT advice, ongoing IT monitoring, 24/7 support and assistance, cybersecurity, and much more.

Atlantic IT is a New Jersey-based IT managed service provider that offers the tools, training and expert help and assistance you need. We specialize in working with:

We start by offering comprehensive audits that will assess your entire IT environment, compare your existing IT-setup with your business goals and create a plan to optimize your IT department so that it provides you with the data and services you need to move ahead. Atlantic IT also offers IT monitoring, support, cybersecurity services, mobility solutions and more, making it possible for you to focus on your business with the confidence that your IT set-up is being expertly managed. Give us a call at your convenience to learn more or to make an appointment with our team at your convenience.

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