Internal IT Department Struggling to Get Stuff Done?

It’s not that they’re not capable, they just need a helping hand.

We’ve all more aware of the power of technology nowadays – from the way technology can enable a more productive, engaged workforce to the way technology can help you increase your market share and maintain customer satisfaction. But here’s the challenge… You’re likely using more complex systems and applications now because you know technology gives you the ability to:

  • Improve day-to-day operations
  • Boost efficiency throughout the workforce
  • Reach a wider target market, and in turn, open doors to new opportunities
  • And much, much more

In a recent survey of 200 IT professionals, 79% of IT decision makers believed they didn’t have enough resources to support the demand for innovation and another 33% believed innovation was expected of them, regardless of the fact that existing processes, business operations, and practices had not evolved in ways that allowed them to innovate.

Internal IT Department

Many IT leaders struggle between innovation and management. 

The fact is, many IT leaders are struggling between innovation and management. They have to pick and choose which tasks to handle because they’re responsible for such a long list of priorities:

  • Rolling out technology upgrades
  • Implementing new products and/or services
  • Strategic planning for the future
  • Automating routine, time-consuming tasks
  • Protecting corporate information against threats
  • Creating business continuity plans
  • Handling basic tasks like monitoring, maintenance, and more

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 40% of IT staff will hold multiple roles – many of which will be business, as opposed to technology, related.

Is your internal IT department struggling? 

We’ve had many business executives reach out to us because they feel like their internal IT department is struggling. They keep slipping up and failing to stay ahead of their workload. We’re here to tell you that this is completely normal, and in most cases, should be expected in today’s day and age. As we mentioned, we rely on technology more than ever before and they’re likely struggling to keep up with the increased demand for innovation at the same time as their day-to-day management responsibilities.

Here are the most common signs that your internal IT department is struggling to keep up with their workload:

  • They’re not completing help desk tickets within a reasonable timeframe and your staff members are complaining about a slow response and/or resolution time.
  • They’re not talking to you about trends, threats, and other news that matters to you, especially as a modern organization that relies on technology.
  • They’re not providing any sort of documentation or updates in regards to your network health, security or performance.
  • They’re not adequately protecting you against cybercrime and it’s evident because you keep experiencing virus infections.
  • They’re not fixing issues properly the first time around so you keep experiencing the same problems over and over again.
  • They’re not testing your backups on a regular basis and although you know they’re taking backups of your data, you’re not sure if they’re recoverable.

How can you help your internal IT department keep up? 

Many business owners make the mistake of hiring more people. But here’s the thing… More people very rarely solves the problem. Why? Because typically, your internal IT department isn’t necessarily struggling because of a lack of time or manpower, but more so a lack of the following:

  • Relationships with leading manufacturers
  • Training and certifications
  • Enterprise-grade tools
  • Processes and procedures (that come from years working with multiple companies)

Our recommendation? It’s time to hire an MSP (managed services provider) that can provide what’s known as co-managed IT services. Basically, you outsource some of the responsibilities to your MSP while your internal IT department handles the rest. An MSP is able to provide assistance with:

  • Completing help desk tickets
  • Implementing new technologies and/or tools
  • Keeping track of technology upgrades, updates, and more
  • Monitoring the network around-the-clock to detect issues
  • And much, much more

Get started with co-managed IT services now… 

Atlantic IT is made up of a team of engineers and specialists who are able to assist you with anything you need. We offer scalable, flexible solutions that are tailored to your business objectives. We’ll work alongside (not replace) your team to help them stay ahead of all of their responsibilities.

  1. Book a meeting with our team of trusted technology professionals at your own convenience.
  2. Introduce us to your internal IT department so we can explain how we’ll assist them and find out what they need from us.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of having access to an entire team of experts to help your internal IT department shine.
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