Women Should Pursue Careers in IT

Astonishingly, women makeup 47 percent of all employed adults in the U.S., but hold only 25% of computing roles in the technology field, according to data from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). Allison Brower, an account manager with Atlantic IT, encourages women to pursue jobs in technology as a way for them to showcase and present their ideas.  Allison’s current role focuses on helping clients solve technology challenges while delivering Atlantic-IT’s strong and unique approach on Client First experience.

Seek Out Opportunity

Allison did not initially intend to get into the tech arena. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After graduation, she took a temporary job and ended up coordinating a project for technology upgrades within a company. Here she got her first experience with IT, working hand in hand with a third party technician to implement upgrades for a client. According to Allison, this was an eye-opening experience and allowed her to recognize that she was interested in pursuing a career in technology. She describes herself as the one family member who always got called when something was broken.

Allison encourages young women to seek out opportunities within the technology field. Despite popular belief, women do not have to know anything about code to be in technology. If you can find ways to automate things and can communicate effectively with others, technology may be a great place for you to land.

Learn Continuously

Technology is constantly changing and Allison realized that to make herself valuable, she needed to become a life-long learner. She encourages women to read news articles, gain certifications, and to “level up” when they can.

One of Allison’s biggest success and learning opportunities came where she was given the opportunity to be the lead tech to upgrade a company’s technology infrastructure.  In this capacity, she worked with the client and engineers to understand requirements, risks, and ensure a seamless migration with no downtime for the client. That opportunity gave her the ability to see how a major project worked from start to finish and most importantly how important communication is with stakeholders and end users.

Since then she has taken lead initiatives on many technology projects, where she was able to streamline communication and add efficiencies for both Atlantic-IT.net and their clientele”.

Even though female employees only make up between 28% and 42% of the total workforce at America’s largest two largest tech companies, Allison encourages women to pursue technology as a career. Atlantic-IT has supported and encourages women in the workplace by ensuring growth and development in a male-dominated field. Allison feels supported throughout her technology journey and proves with taking initiative, hard work and determination, your goals and dreams can be reached!

If you are a woman looking to pursue a career in technology or need someone to manage your IT services, reach out to the team at Atlantic IT at 877-936-3328 or https://www.atlantic-it.net/

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