Defining the Modern Workplace

Technological developments continue to provide various opportunities for firms to improve their operations. Organizations can use these advancements to achieve goals such as remote access, enhanced collaboration, and better communication. These advantages can give a firm the edge it needs to achieve its goals.

Keeping up with technology developments can be a challenge. Innovators continue to come up with improved programs. One such advancement is the modern workplace. Many companies are not familiar with this concept, and they are missing out on its benefits.

Clients always ask Atlantic IT what the modern workplace is. Atlantic IT is a managed IT services company. This article will help you understand what the modern workplace is and how it can help your firm.

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What is the Modern Workplace?

Some people believe that the modern workplace is a funky downtown office with luxurious amenities. They think the office has the latest cool furniture, has fresh background music, and a full kitchen.

The modern workplace differs from their perceptions. It refers to the leading technologies that help organizations cut ties to traditional IT systems. The innovations enable companies to enjoy cloud solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere, using any connected device, and at any time. Workers can collaborate in real-time, and they can communicate using email chat solutions.

Transforming into a modern workplace requires the organization to have a flexible environment that supports continued collaboration and communication. A modern workplace enables an organization to leverage technology developments and culture changes to achieve its goals.

What’s the Culture Like in a Modern Workplace?

  • Work Anytime: Many workers today have different schedules. The modern workplace enables firms to accommodate these patterns. Employees can work when they feel comfortable. This capability makes them satisfied, which leads to higher productivity and reduces the company’s employee turnover.
  • Work Anywhere: Employees have various needs. They may want to work from different locations to boost their productivity or suit their movements. The modern workplace enables your staff to work from any location they choose. This freedom can enhance productivity as they can work from areas that allow them to be productive.
  • Work from any Device: Employees want to access their work on other devices. They need the flexibility to access their stations from their phone, home computer, or other devices. The modern workplace enables them to access their workstation from various devices. It uses cloud technology, which allows access to an account from any connected device.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Today’s employees have varying needs. One setup does not satisfy the needs of each of them. The modern workplace gives them the flexibility to tailor solutions that meet their requirements.

Characteristics of the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace has these characteristics:

  1. A Mobile Workforce: employees enjoy this capability as they can have a flexible work schedule. Business Wire reports that statistics from IDC showed that mobile workers would account for 72.3% of the U.S. workforce in 2020. The mobile workforce allows employees to have a better work/life balance and reduces their need for vacation time. Tools, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Skype for Business, enable the workers to stay in touch and access their work files.
  2. Employees Collaborate and Work as a Team: the modern workplace enables the employees and products to work together to get more work done efficiently. Teams can edit or share spreadsheets and files using innovations, such as Office 365’s online services. Microsoft Teams eliminates the requirement to combine multiple documents by allowing groups to work from a central network. Organizations benefit as their staff collaborate to get more done.
  3. Smarter With Data: companies collect a lot of data from customers. Storing this information can be challenging in a traditional setup. The modern workplace enables firms to store them in the cloud. Cloud technology eliminates the need for company servers, and users can access them from anywhere. Tools such as Microsoft Azure enable companies to enjoy cloud solutions for their businesses.
  4. The Team Believes in Open Communication: employees want to be more present in the company’s decision making. Your staff needs you to consult them and communicate all decisions. The modern workplace provides tools that facilitate communication. Stakeholders can converse via platforms such as emails and telephones.
  5. The Use of Modern Tools: innovators are developing new technology that firms can use to improve their operations. The modern workplace keeps up with these developments and enables a firm to enjoy them. Companies that learn how to use and adapt these innovations have higher productivity, motivated staff, and stays ahead of competitors. The modern workplace has continuous training and development of employees to keep up with IT developments.
  6. Have in Place Advanced Security Measures: various capabilities in the modern workplace make cybersecurity a priority. For example, remote access from any device can be a vulnerability for a network if it does not regulate who can access it. The modern workplace recognizes these challenges and has mechanisms to protect the infrastructure. It has advanced protection features that protect your data and system.

How Atlantic IT Can Help You Modernize Your Firm

Atlantic IT is a managed IT services company offering services to various organizations. We offer many services, including cloud solutions, cybersecurity services, and managed IT services. Our experts analyze your IT infrastructure, listen to your needs, and help you find opportunities. We have proactive support, so you can reach us when you need our services or have questions.

Atlantic IT provides customized IT services to various industries. Our IT help can give you the advantage you need to be a leader in your industry.

Are you ready to scale your firm with the modern workplace? Reach out to us to learn more about ways the modern workplace can help you achieve your organizational goals.


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